Split Pomegranate - Sacred Seeds - Digital Zine

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Split Pomegranate - Sacred Seeds, is a digital charity zine of collaborating artists and writers with the goal to raise funds for displaced Armenians that have been ethnically cleansed from their indigenous homelands in Artsakh. 100% of the funds of this zine will be donated! This zine is a collective of Armenian and Non Armenian artists and their work representing their emotions and connections to Armenia. It is full of love, beauty, heartbreak, and hope! This project is a labor of love with 93 ARTISTS AND WRITERS and 175 PAGES OF CONTENT.

🔴All those who purchase will also enter into a raffle to win art and merchandise from various artists in this zine- click here to see the prizes. WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED MAR 30TH UPDATE THE WINNER HAS ALREADY BEEN ANNOUNCED

🔵Outside of the raffle, three people can also win a bundle of Armenian stickers by our various artists if they find the hidden links in the Heyzine! Click here to see the sticker bundle⭐UPDATE THE STICKER BUNDLES HAVE ALL BEEN CLAIMED!!

🟠Once you purchase, you will receive an email with the Heyzine link, as well as a PDF if Heyzine does not work on your browser. It is important not to share any of the content you purchase as this zine is 100% for charity! The Heyzine flipbook can only be viewed online, and is recommended to be viewed on pc, not compatible with mobile!
(Compatible with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, Not Compatible with Safari or Firefox. PDF is compatible with all platforms you can open a PDF on!)

🧿Some features the Heyzine includes that the PDF does not include:

  • Page flipping features and effects
  • Built in Armenian instrumental Background music (For the PDF, you can also separately download the playlist file, or the Youtube playlist to enjoy alongside it)
  • An Index that links to every single artist's social medias and websites
  • Interactive page numbers in the Index that take you to the exact pages you click on for more ease of navigation
  • Three hidden links that can allow you to win a bundle prize of ten Armenian stickers! ⭐UPDATE THE STICKER BUNDLES HAVE ALL BEEN CLAIMED!!

If you would like to help the people of Artsakh but are not currently interested in our zine at this time, please feel free to donate directly to the following organizations who are providing humanitarian aid:

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A Digital Armenian Charity Zine with 175 pages from 93 Artists and Writers

175 Pages
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Split Pomegranate - Sacred Seeds - Digital Zine

11 ratings
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